Bhuleshwar Steel & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., (BSAPL) is one of the largest modern rolling mills in Western India, catering to the constantly evolving markets all over the country. At this stage, the company has a Sponge-Iron plant in Goa in the name of M/s. Shraddha Ispat Pvt. Ltd. as well as a plant dedicated to the production of MS Billets near Pune city in the name of M/s. Indrayani Ferro Cast Pvt. Ltd.

The company’s commitment to quality coupled with a constant endeavour to bring about innovation and improved methods has enabled to become a leader in infrastructure development with assured security and strength. The stringent quality norms and premium technical expertise have aided the company to stay at the forefront of this sector in terms of quality as well as quantity.

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  • Physical Properties
  • Chemical Properties

TRISHUL 500 TMT Reinforcement Bars are of grade Fe 500 and are manufactured under certification mark of BIS (IS) as per IS:1786/800, which is a globally recognized standard. The Trishul 500 TMT Bars are ISO Certified and ISI Approved. This gives it a high advantage in comparison to conventional C.T.D. bars.

Its optimization and regularity features, satisfy metallurgic requirements, while the adequacy of micro-structure offers the maximum qualitative levels of the end product. The bars are manufactured using Thermax Technology, and Carbon level is controlled much lower to BIS specification, which allows excellent ductility, high bendability and superior weldability.

Trishul 500 TMT Product Range

Size Type Standard Length
8 | 10 | 12 | 16 | 20 | 25 | 32 Bend / Straight 12 Mtrs

Specific Weights (Bis Standard)

Dia (MM) Per Bar Weight (Kg) No. of Bar In 1 Bundle No. Bar in 1 MT Bundle Weight (Kg) Weight (Per Mtr.) As Per ISI Weight (Per Mtr.) TRISHUL TMT 500
8 4.74 17 211 80.58 0.367 - 0.432 0.371 - 0.390
10 7.4 12 135 88.848 0.574 - 0.660 0.580 - 0.600
12 10.65 8 94 85.248 0.844 - 0.932 0852 - 0.865
16 18.94 4 53 75.792 1.499 - 1.657 1.515 - 1.535
20 29.59 3 34 88.776 2.392 - 2.540 2.408 - 2.420
25 46.59 1 22 46.59 3.739 - 3.970 3.754 - 3.773
32 75.76 1 13 75.768 6.125 - 6.503 6.150 - 6.400

Physical Properties

Description STANDARD IS:1786 Fe500 TRISHUL 500 TMT BARS
0.2% proof stress,min. (N/mm2) 500.0 550.0
Ultimate Tensile Strength minN/mm2 550.0 620-700
% Elongation, min 12 20 Min

Chemical Properties

Description STANDARD IS:1786  TRISHUL 500 TMT BARS Other Fe 500 TMT BARS
Carbon (%Max) 0.30 0.18-0.24 0.30
Sulphur (%Max) 0.060 0.050 0.060
Phosphorous (%Max) 0.060 0.050 0.060
Sulphur + Phosphorous (Max) 0.11 0.095 0.110
C.E (%Max) 0.42 0.42 0.42
Nitrogen (% Max) - 0.012 -


Each of the Trishul TMT bars are specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of strength. Every 500 TMT is loaded with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced Bond Strength
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars are rib-patterned, allowing for enhanced bond strength between the bars and surrounding concrete. This gives higher strength to the structure and hence a longer life.
  • Better Elongation Properties
    The bar can be bent around mandrels much smaller than those specified in IS: 1786, proving it to be a great advantage at construction sites.
  • Better Metallurgical Properties
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars are manufactured under perfect temperature-control systems to ensure better metallurgical properties.
  • Superior Weld-Ability
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars have a low carbon equivalent making them convenient to use, and superior to conventional CTD bars.
  • Perfect Roundness
    Tensionless rolling through the Loop Scanner System during rolling processes ensures reduction of oval shapes, making the bars consistent, uniform and precise.
  • Precise Gauge Control
    The precise gauge control ensures accurate weight of bars.
  • Seismic - Resistant
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars have elongation properties, superior to standards set by BIS, restricting the problems linked with construction in elastic deformation. High ductility contributes to the absorption of unusual events such as earthquakes, collisions or fires.
  • Continuous Research For Better Safety
    Continual research and development is undertaken to reap advantages of using high ductile steel for re-enforced concrete that allows greater stability during adverse environmental strains.
  • Highly Corrosion-Resistant
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars are produced by Thermo-Mechanical Treatment and not by cold twisting, which leaves no torsional residual stress in the bar, making them corrosion-resistant.
  • Saving In Steel
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars have higher yield strength and take greater loads with the same weight of steel, resulting in optimal utilization and cost saving.
  • Customized Products
    We deliver customized products as per the customer's requirements in terms of chemical and physical composition.


The quality of our products is characterised by strength, uniformity, precise weight and gauge control, perfect round shape and great bonding, and is unmatched amongst all available construction bars in the market.

Well-Determined Operative Procedures

Our organization acts in accordance with well-determined operative procedures. The operative procedures are constantly updated to correspond to technical developments.The company uses Thermax technology and includes a full circle activity from inward of the material to our plant to the control and final inspection of the manufacturing process and final product.

    Manufactured precisely in the desired sizes and weights, TRISHUL 500 TMT bars result in less quantity of steel being consumed, thereby reducing the cost of construction.
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars are easily available in the market, a fact that helps the clientele to overcome the problems of scarcity and inconsistency of supply as experienced with other brands. BSAPL has a huge network of its authorised dealers.
    To guarantee value realization to customers, Bhuleshwar Steel ensures premium quality of products and follows best practices in the supply chain. The bars are always supplied in fixed lengths, and only a fixed number of bars are packed, reducing wastage at the customer's end. The bars are not tied using the end cut of bars, but are tied using plastic strips of lowest weight, thus, saving cost of scrap. Every dispatch carries a set of documents, material list, instructions to be followed, test certificate, and a delivery challan.
  • EASY DELIVERY SERVICES A single window service is provided and all commercial aspects from the customer's side are carried out at billing and payment time itself, thereby making the entire delivery process smooth.
    TRISHUL 500 TMT bars are charged only by the weight unloaded at the customer's end after a thorough cross check and acknowledgement from both ends.
    We provide instant and constant information regarding the loading schedule, dispatch, completion of order, etc.

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