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When it comes to talking about steel, JINDAL is an undoubted leader! It is a name that needs no introduction! The company made its foray into the business of manufacturing and trading steel pipes in a village in Haryana in 1952. Soon after, it started manufacturing steel pipes, sockets, and bends in West Bengal and within a decade had multiple units throughout India manufacturing various Steel Products. Bhuleshwar Steel is associated with Jindal as an ‘Authorized Conversion Agent’.

  • Product Range
  • Number & Weight per meter
  • Physical Properties
  • Chemical Properties

Product Range

  • Jindal TMT 500 (in FE 500D Grades) in the range of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm. 20mm & 25mm.
Dia (MM) Per Bar Weight (Kg) No. of Bar In 1 Bundle No. Bar in 1 MT Bundle Weight (Kg) Weight (Per Mtr.) As Per ISI Weight (Per Mtr.) Jindal TMT 500D
8 4.74 17 211 80.58 0.367 - 0.432 0.371 - 0.390
10 7.4 12 135 88.848 0.574 - 0.660 0.580 - 0.600
12 10.65 8 94 85.248 0.844 - 0.932 0852 - 0.865
16 18.94 4 53 75.792 1.499 - 1.657 1.515 - 1.535
20 29.59 3 34 88.776 2.392 - 2.540 2.408 - 2.420
25 46.59 1 22 46.59 3.739 - 3.970 3.754 - 3.773
32 75.76 1 13 75.768 6.125 - 6.503 6.150 - 6.400

Physical Properties

Description STANDARD IS:1786 Fe500 Jindal 500D TMT BARS
0.2% proof stress,min. (N/mm2) 500.0 550.0
Ultimate Tensile Strength minN/mm2 550.0 620-700
% Elongation, min 12 20 Min

Chemical Properties

Description STANDARD IS:1786 Fe415 Jindal 500D TMT BARS Local Fe 500 TMT BARS
Carbon (%Max) 0.30 0.18-0.24 0.30
Sulphur (%Max) 0.060 0.040 0.060
Phosphorous (%Max) 0.060 0.040 0.060
Sulphur + Phosphorous (Max) 0.11 0.075 0.110
C.E (%Max) 0.42 0.42 0.42
Nitrogen (% Max) - 0.012 -


Each of the JINDAL 500D bars are specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of strength. Every 500 TMT is loaded with the following advantages:

  • It is Earthquake Resistant because the Tempered Martensite ring imparts strength to the structure whereas Martensite + Ferrite band gives the ‘Sping effect’ which tends to restore the original shape when the applied stresses are removed.
  • A unique combination of Carbon & Manganese maintaining the right C. E. and absence of any torsional residual stresses in the bar Delays Rusting.
  • It has more Strength to sustain Fire, it would not distort up to temp. of 500-600 Cº
  • JINDAL TMT Bars bond strongly with cement than other reinforcement bars as it has a unique rib pattern in terms of greater rib depth and closer rib spacing, which ensures excellent bonding with concrete in a reinforced structure.
  • A high yield strength of 450 N/mm2 as compared to ordinary TMT bars which have 418 N/mm2.
  • High Bendability and Ductility.


Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (TMT) is a metallurgical process that integrates work hardening and heat-treatment into a single process. Fully automatic PLC based machines maintain the temperature during the rolling process. After the last rolling stand, the billet moves through a quench box. The quenching converts the billet’s surface layer to Martensite and causes it to shrink. The shrinkage pressurizes the core, Helping to form the correct crystal structures. The care remains hot and Austenitic. A microprocessor controls the water ow to the quench box, to manage the temperature difference through the cross-section of the bars. The correct temperature difference assures that all processes occur and bars have the necessary mechanical properties. The bar leaves the quench box with a temperature gradient through its cross section. As the bar cools, heat ows from the bar’s centre to its surface so that the bar’s heat and pressure correctly tempers an intermediate ring of Martensite and Bainite. Finally, the slow cooling after quenching automatically tempers the austenitic core to Ferrite and Pearlite on the cooling bed. These bars therefore exhibit a variation in microstructure in their cross section, having strong, tough, tempered Martensite in the surface layer of the bar, an intermediate layer of Martensite and Bainite and a rened, tough and ductile Ferrite and Pearlite care.

When the cut end of TMT Bars is etched with Nital (Mixture of Nitric acid & Methanol), three distinct rings appear. 1. Tempered outer of Martensite. 2. A semi-tempered ring of Martensite & Bainite and 3. A mild circular ring of Pearlite & Ferrite This is the desired micro-stricture for a Quality Construction Rebar.


We are dedicated to delivering the best Quality products and lay strong emphasis on our Quality Policy & Quality Management. We Have several checks and they help us meet our consumer's satisfaction:

  • Strict adherence to sampling & testing of steel chemistry
  • Detailed sampling of finished products
  • Rolling in negative tolerance
  • Ensuring timely dispatches to the customer
  • Advanced product manufacturing through technological upgrades
  • Strict cost cutting in processes to deliver value to the customer
  • Highly motivated team which helps us to meet the company’s vision
  • Strict adherence to ISI standards & procedures

In our Organization, quality and excellence are not corporate slogans to increase business and profile, but an essential part of our very being.
To ensure originality, we stamp our logo “JINDAL TMT 500 D" on every meter of Saria. A Blue JINDAL TMT 500 strip on every bundle proves the genuineness of JINDAL Saria.

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